December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Day with my parents in Arizona. The girls were ecstatic to have another Christmas tree, another stocking, more presents and, best of all, Grandma and Pa Pa.

When we got to my parents' house, we ate breakfast, chatted and finally, when I guess the girls just couldn't wait any more, they found a large package on the coffee table and proudly told us, "It says Michal and Kenna. Can we open it?" And so began the present-opening portion of the day.

The girls loved the Tickle Me Elmo they each received and the train with the coal car, oil car, caboose and real smoke! They both giggled and laughed at Tickle Me Elmo and even got down on the floor and pretended they were Tickle Me Elmo. And then they played and played with their train. They figured out all sorts of way to stand over or lean over the track and make a bridge or a train wash for the train to drive through.

A very Merry Christmas . . . again.

The top photo is of Michal. In the Tickle Me Elmo photos below it's Michal in the upper left corner and the other three photos are of Kenna. It's Kenna looking in the mirror, Michal looking at her new gloves and Kenna pulling Michal in the basket.

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