December 28, 2007

Let the celebration begin.

The girls' birthday is tomorrow, December 29, and we started celebrating today with a party at my parents' house before we head back to Chicago.

We ate lunch, the girls opened gifts and then Michal very quietly went over to the cake stand that was on the table, picked up a little chocolate cupcake and brought it to Eric and said, "Here Daddy. Do you want a cupcake?" Guess who it was that really wanted a cupcake?

So we all went over to the table, sang and the girls blew out their candles -- a few times -- and then we went outside to pick oranges before heading to the airport.

The girls last day as three-year olds!

Michal has on the pink skirt, pine tree shirt and pink flowers hair clip. Kenna has on the cream skirt, mushroom shirt and blue flower hair clip.

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