December 5, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

We've decked the halls and strung the lights. The trees are up and the stockings are hung. In the words of Michal and Kenna, "It looks like Christmas in here." And now, to top it all off, we have snow. A lot of snow.

It started snowing yesterday afternoon, snowed all night and is snowing this morning. Somewhere between six to eight inches of snow have fallen already and more is on its way.

I am completely unprepared for it to be snowing already. The girls don't have snow pants or snow boots yet. We only have one pair of snow mittens and the only gloves I can find of mine are brown and my coat is black. We have no ice melt for the sidewalk and Eric shoveled our driveway this morning because he didn't want to wake the neighbors with the snowblower.

But the snow is beautiful and it definitely feels like Christmas. Now I just have to get those snow boots.

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