December 29, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Michal and Kenna!

Today is Michal and Kenna's fourth birthday. Four. Oh my gosh, how is it possible that my little girls are four? The babies that stole our hearts have grown into smart, funny, joyful little girls who now own our hearts fully and completely.

We got home really late last night -- our flight was delayed and we waited an hour for our luggage -- so the girls slept in late this morning. While they slept, I took all of the ornaments off of the Christmas tree and replaced them with little party hats, "4" tags and paper flowers, that I'd made before we left for Arizona, to transform the Christmas tree into the "Birthday Tree."

When the girls woke up they came downstairs to find the newly-decorated tree, a birthday banner and their presents under the tree. They were so excited! They must have said, "I'm four" twenty-five times. Just adorable.

We had planned to take them to do something fun today but they just wanted to stay home and play with their new toys. So, that's exactly what we did.

They're having a birthday party with friends in a few weeks to separate it a little from Christmas and all of the holiday hoopla.

In the black and white photos above Kenna is on the left and Michal is on the right. In the pj pictures Michal has in a brown and blue clip and Kenna's is pink and green.

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