December 2, 2007

Charming two bedroom cottage on spacious, snow-covered lot.

Brand new candy-covered roof, mosaic front walkway, edible landscaping and many designer touches. Doorman not included. Shown by appointment only. Call today. This one won't last.

Today the girls' friend Sarah and her mom -- who is my friend -- joined us at a really neat gingerbread house-building event. The girls each got their own gingerbread house, two bags of icing and six containers filled with candy. Erin and I put the icing on the house and then the girls went at it. I literally just sat and watched as they stuck gumballs, candy canes, peppermint candies, spearmint leaves and gum drops all over the roof and sides of the house -- well actually I drank ginger ale, ate cookies and sat and watched them. (And I did make the oh-so-fancy gumdrop trees standing on either side of the door above, which Kenna promptly declared were, "great snowmen." Oh well.) Both Michal and Kenna decorated gingerbread people to stand at the door of their house and both gave them mismatched gumball eyes, which made me laugh. All three girls spent at least an hour and a half decorating their houses while asking repeatedly why they couldn't eat the candy instead of sticking it on the house.

When the houses were completed the girls ate cookies and drank hot chocolate and water and then I tried my darndest to get the three of them to sit nicely in front of the Christmas tree so I could take their picture. First they played in the curtains -- not an approved activity by the way -- on their way to the tree, which was on the other side of the room, and then they giggled and squirmed and laughed and fell over on top of each other once they were in front of the tree. Much better than a posed picture any day!

Kenna has in a white bow and Michal's is pink. It's Kenna's house pictured at the very top and nope, it's not really for sale.

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