December 23, 2007

Baking Cookies for Santa

The girls and I made cookies for Santa tonight. They each cracked an egg, added flour and sugar -- mostly in the bowl -- stirred with all their might, rolled out the dough, cut out the cookies and then used an entire bottle of Christmas sprinkles to decorate them.

Kenna used the dump-as-many-sprinkles-as-you-can-on-the-cookies technique while Michal was more interested in precise placement of her share of the sprinkles.

This is the first year we've used our "Cookies for Santa" plate and our "Milk for Santa" mug. The girls decided they needed to try them both out first so they had milk in "Santa's cup" before helping me put seven -- yes, seven! -- cookies on Santa's plate and refilling his cup with milk. We then put the plate and the mug on the coffee table in the living room where Santa would be sure to find it.

And just in case you're wondering why we're leaving cookies for Santa on December 23 instead of December 24, Santa is stopping here a night early since we'll be in Arizona on Christmas morning. So today is our Christmas Eve.

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