November 3, 2007

Over the River and through the Woods . . .

We just spent three days in Pennsylvania visiting my Grandma Marion, the girls' Great Grandma, and seeing my parents who were also their visiting my grandma. This is a beautiful time of year in Lancaster Country and we had a wonderful time. The leaves were all changing, the weather was beautiful and it was great to see my grandma and parents.

On the flight to Pennsylvania we had an amazing flight crew who invited the girls to go in the cockpit and "fly" the plane. In this day and age of increased airline security I was amazed that they allowed the girls up there. (The plane was on the ground and people were boarding in case you're imagining them doing this mid-flight.) After sitting in the cockpit, Kenna proudly told us that she was going to be a pilot when she grows up! It was really so cute.

The funniest moment came when we first saw my grandma and Kenna looked at her and said, "What grandma are you?" I think she was confused since we kept telling her we were going to see Great Grandma Marion and Eric's mom is Grandma Marilyn. Throw in Grandma Jan and you've got a lot of grandmas!
My grandma thought it was hilarious!

(All the pictures on this page are of Kenna.)

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