November 27, 2007

Little birds and little cakes. Crafty goodness.

I've been incredibly disciplined . . . until tonight. I know myself and I know I have the tendency to jump to the end of things. When I read a book I read the first 10 or so pages, jump to the ending and then I go back and fill in the middle. I actually can tell how good a book is by how long it takes me to jump to the end.

So, when I started "The Little Bird Project" I told myself that I would complete each step 13 times before jumping to the end and finishing a bird completely. Well, I made it through quite a few steps but tonight I "jumped." Eric and the girls were playing and I was sewing and I just wanted to see what the finished bird was going to look like. So, I broke my rule and finished one.

The girls were delighted.

Michal: "Oooh. It's not flat any more."

Me: "Nope. It's puffy now."

Michal: "I like it puffy. And I like it's eye."

Me: "I like it puffy too."

Kenna: "I want to be the Christmas tree and hold it."

Me: "OK. Hold the bird so I can take it's picture."

Kenna: "Bird, say 'cheese.'"

Me: "Kenna, can you turn it so I can see its side?"

Kenna: "No. He's looking at the camera and saying 'cheese'"

Me: "Oh. Could he say 'cheese' and then turn to the side?"

So there you have it. Bird one of 13 is done. Twelve more to go.

And one other crafty thing. We try to celebrate Chinese holidays because I know it's important for the girls to have exposure to Chinese culture. During the recent moon festival it was really hard to tell them about moon cakes -- a big part of the holiday -- since real moon cakes are expensive and not so tasty. We looked at pictures, read books and even went to a Chinese grocery store to look at all the fancy tins of moon cakes but I really wanted them to have moon cakes that they could use for a tea party. I wanted something they could play with.. So I ordered a moon cake mold and some brown wool felt. I was pretty confident I could emboss the felt using the mold so I cut the felt into a circle the size of the mold, got it wet and pressed it -- hard -- into the mold. I let it dry and voila!, the felt picked up the mold's design and made a moon cake top. A little stitching and stuffing and there you have it -- a play moon cake. Moon cake one of six done. Only five more to go.

Eric commented tonight that I'm happiest when I have lots of projects going at the same time. I think he's right.

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