November 15, 2007

Just another day at the office.

The girls and I met Eric for dinner tonight at a restaurant very near his office. After dinner he remembered he'd forgotten something at work so we went with him to his office to get it. The girls have decided that Daddy's office is an incredibly fun place. So here is their "Top 10 Reasons We Love Going to Daddy's Office:

10. The lobby floor is made of marble and "Fancy Nancy" would like it a whole lot.

9. It has an elevator that goes up lots of floors, giving you lots of time to jump up and down and feel your tummy flip flop.

8. Daddy has a drawer with lots of lip glosses (chapsticks) and he let's you pick out one and take it home.

7. Daddy has Post-it notes that work just like a Slinky and he let's you pull them across his whole office.

6. He has big windows you can look out and see the moon and the lights below.

5. He has lots and lots of "Michal and Kenna pictures" on his desk.

4. He has a computer on his desk with a really neat screen saver.

3. He has lots of real pens, not markers, and he let's you draw with them.

2. He has a very fancy chair that spins around, which is perfect for playing "Ring Around the Rosie, the Seated Version."

And the number one reason we love going to Daddy's office is because:

The entire time you're there, you can say, "Hi, I'm Daddy. I'm going to work." in your very best Daddy voice and Mommy and Daddy laugh every time.

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