November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.

We've had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

We woke up Thanksgiving morning to snow! It snowed enough to dust the ground but not enough to stick around. The girls kept laughing and saying, "It's snowing on our Thanksgiving," which it was. We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbor's and friend's home. Michal and Kenna got to experience their first Thanksgiving "kid's table." They thought it was very fun place to sit with Grace, who is eight, and especially liked the paper turkey she had made as their table decoration.

While at our friend's house we all filled out slips of paper with a list of what we were thankful for. The little papers were then hung on a tree. These are the answers the girls gave when asked what they were grateful for (in the order they were given.)

Michal: "Mommy, toys, Daddy and Kenna."

Kenna: "Mommy, Daddy, Michal and toys."

Hmmm. I guess great minds think alike and Michal puts "toys" pretty high on her priority list!

The day after Thanksgiving we got on the train and went downtown to see the Christmas windows at Macy's. The girls were ecstatic to ride the train and to go in a "taxi car" -- what they call a taxi in the book "Round is a Mooncake." This year the Macy's windows depict the story of the Nutcracker ballet -- "ballet windows" in Michal and Kenna speak -- and are very pretty. The girls absolutlely loved them and luckily they are still little enough to sidle through the crowd and go right up to the window and not block anyone's view -- something they got really good at fast!

We then went inside Macy's to see the Christmas tree in the Walnut Room and to go to the FAO Schwartz floor of the store. We didn't stand in line to see Santa and fortunately Macy's hid Santa away in a Christmas house so Michal and Kenna had no idea they were missing anything. We finished up our day with a walk around the Chriskindlmarket and dinner.

And then this afternoon we went and saw The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular Starring the Rockettes. (I think they need a longer title for the show!) The girls were completely mesmerized. We had wonderful seats and you could see the faces of the performers and each and every little detail. I asked the girls what they liked the best in the show and Kenna said, "When the Rockettes fall down." (If you've ever been to the show she's talking about the part where the Rockettes are dressed up like toy soldiers and fall backwards one against the next until the whole line has fallen down.) Michal said she liked the animals the best. (She was talking about the animals in the live nativity.) She then went on to say she liked the cow the very best. In case you're wondering, there isn't a cow in the show. Two camels, four sheep and a donkey but no cow.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours and, in the words of my enthusiastic twosome, "Now it's Christmastime!"

In the Thanksgiving photos Kenna is in the cream dress and Michal is in black. The black and white photos on the train are of Michal. And, in the pictures at the windows, Kenna's hat has "peaks" on the top and Michal's is round.

P.S. An update on the little birds . . . they can now fly. I had really intended to get them completed this weekend but didn't. I did get little wings on all of them though. Now they just need backs, stuffing and embelishments!

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