November 4, 2007

An Amish Farm

The girls love farms. They love barns, farm animals, tractors and the wide-open spaces to run and play. One of the joys of Lancaster County is an abundance of farms.

We took the girls to an Amish farm that is now a tourist site. It was crazy how things have grown up around this farm. The farm parking lot is also the parking lot for Target.

When we pulled in Michal said, "Wait a minute. This isn't a farm. This is Target." (Hmmm. I think we go to Target too often. She recognizes the logo just a little too quickly.)

The farm was great and the girls especially liked the one-room school house and playing in the corn maze. I liked the farmhouse tour I got to take all by myself while my mom, dad and Eric played with the girls outside.

(You have to look hard but Kenna's clip is hot pink and Michal's is blue. It's Michal in the last picture with my dad.)

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