October 27, 2007

"Rock on."

The girls and I get lots of comments from people when we're out and about. The comments are most often about the girls being twins and include things like, "Are they identical?" or "How do you tell them apart?" I don't mind when people ask us questions and the vast majority of what is said to us is incredibly gracious.

Last weekend we were at the zoo and a woman, who was probably in her late 50s or early 60s, approached me and asked, "Twins?" I smiled and said, "yes." She then said, "Rock on." That was it. She was gone as fast as she approached us. Our exchange really made me smile. It has to have been one of the funniest interactions I've had with someone in a long time.

And then today a woman stopped me and said, "Just looking at your two daughters makes me smile."

You don't get much nicer than that.

(Michal is in the pink and brown sweater with "bear ears" and Kenna is in the cream and brown sweater with her hair in a ponytail.)

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