October 29, 2007

Playing in the leaves.

The girls have a weekly music class that's held at a beautiful mansion owned by the Park District. They love the class and especially like that it's held in a room with a "barn ceiling" and "rainbow windows." (The room is actually a chapel that was used when the mansion was owned by the Franciscan Order. Interestingly, they owned it until 1993 when it was sold to the Park District.)

The mansion sits on 90 acres of property, which makes for a pretty amazing post-class playground. This week there were lots of leaves to play in, which the girls loved. The highlight for them though was the branch, not just a little stick but a branch, that Kenna found. The branch came home with us and is now leaning against out Family Room fireplace. When Eric first saw it and told Kenna that he liked her stick, she promptly corrected him and told him, "Daddy, it's a branch."

I think the branch is going to very soon find a new home in our backyard.

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