October 28, 2007

A Halloween Party

We started the Halloween celebration today at a Halloween Party. Sophie, Lia, Peter, Ella, Kate, Julia, Ana and Maya -- and their families -- joined us. The kids picked out a pumpkin, petted -- or at least looked at -- all kinds of farm animal, jumped in the jumpy thing and then had dinner. But the best part was the dancing! And boy can those kids dance. Look closely at the photos below and you'll see Kenna doing the "Y" in "YMCA" and flapping her arms doing the "Chicken Dance."

In the photos above the "Minnie in the middle" is Maya. The girls looked so cute in their matching mouse outfits! (Michal is to the left of Maya and Kenna is to the right. And in the dancing pictures Kenna's dress has pumpkins on it and Michal's has orange moons.)

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