October 30, 2007

Carving pumpkins . . . for the first time!

The girls and I carved pumpkins this afternoon. This was their first time carving pumpkins and they really liked it! They both took one scoop of the gooey pumpkin-seed mush out of the pumpkin before telling me, "Maybe Mommy do it." So, I did all the scooping and the carving but they did all the drawing. I tried my best to cut out what they drew but had to improvise a little bit here and there. Kenna, who is trying really hard to learn how to wink, drew her pumpkin winking and Michal drew ears and a tongue for her pumpkin. Both girls wanted pumpkins with "foreheads and crazy hair." (Try cutting that out!)

So here they are. The pumpkin masterpieces! In the photo above Michal's pumpkin is on top and Kenna's is on the bottom.

(Michal has on a floral headband and Kenna has on a brown and white headband and in the sepia-colored photos it's Kenna alone and Michal with the pumpkins.)

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