October 19, 2007


The girls and I went to a local nursery to pick out some pumpkins. They liked the little pumpkins and the gourds in the bins. They liked the rows of bigger pumpkins. They liked pushing the wheelbarrow once we put the pumpkins in it. But what they really liked were all the fountains displayed in the garden center! Go figure.

The last two photos are of the pumpkins we decorated. The "BOO" pumpkins are in honor of one of the girls' current favorite books -- "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything." (If you're looking for a Halloween book that's not too scary and is very fun for kids to read, this is a good one. I found it in paperback at Barnes and Noble.)

UPDATE: Several people have asked me how I made the pumpkins so I thought I'd just add it to this post.

The white letters are decopauged on the pumpkins.

I started with pie pumpkins, instead of carving pumpkins, because they are rock hard -- don't ever try to carve one! -- and I thought they might last a little longer.

I then printed out the letters on a piece of plain white printer paper. (I used the font "Curlz MT" at 600 point but you could use any font you like.) I layed the piece of paper with the letter printed on it over a second piece of white printer paper and then cut out the letter. (You'll throw away the printed letter and just use the plain white letter from the second piece of paper.)

I applied ModPodge (available at any craft store) to the side of the pumpkin and then I stuck the letter to the pumpkin, put more ModgePodge over top of the letter and used my fingers to get it smooth. ModgePodge is very easy to work with and is incredibly forgiving.

Once the letter was smoothly applied, I put a coat of ModgePodge over the whole pumpkin. When the ModgePodge dries, the pumpkin is shiny and the letters look like they've been painted on.

You don't have to be crafty at all to do this. It's very easy and fast to do too.

If this doesn't make sense, or you have additional question, please e-mail me!

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