September 14, 2007

What do you want to be for Halloween?

"What do you want to be for Halloween?" Seems like a fairly straightforward question, doesn't it? Turns out that it's actually a pretty complicated question.

This is the girls' and my conversation about Halloween costumes. (OK, one of our MANY conversations about Halloween costumes.)

Me: "What do you want to be for Halloween?"

Kenna: "A race car."

Me: "I don't know how I would make you a race car costume."

Michal: "You just need a box."

Me: "Could you pick something else?"

Michal: "A pig."

Me: "Great. You can be a pig."

Michal: "I want to be a PURPLE pig."

Me: "OK. We'll have to ask Grandma Jan to help us make you a purple pig costume. Kenna, would you like to be a farm animal too."

Kenna. "No. I want to be a race car."

Me: "How about a cow?"

Kenna: "A PURPLE cow."

Me: "OK. We'll ask Grandma Jan to make a purple pig and a purple cow."

Kenna: "I want to be a race car."

And so a call was placed to Grandma Jan. I didn't even say hello and instead handed the phone to Michal who asked my mom, "Grandma, will you make me a purple pig costume?"

And so, with Grandma agreeing to make grape-hued barn animals, I began the search for a farm animal costume pattern. McCalls doesn't make Tom Arma farm animal costume patterns any more. So I turned to ebay, the source of all things elusive.

People selling this pattern on ebay know it's discontinued and are selling theirs for a small mint. (Darn those smart pattern sellers!) I started watching multiple patten auctions and bought yards of purple and lavendar fleece and notions galore. After losing two of the pattern auctions in the final moments, I gave up, packed up the girls and took them to the Disney store.

We arrived at the store and I hoped, crossing-my-fingers-toes-and-anything-else-I-could-think-of hoped, I could woo them with yards of pink and yellow and blue satin all gathered together in a bouquet of princess wonderfulness. Unfortunately, they weren't buying what I was selling, that is until they saw the Minnie Mouse dresses with the black sequins and the polka dot skirts. Ahhh, I now had some interested buyers. I then showed them the oh-so-fancy sequined black mouse ears that go with the sequined dress. They were intrigued and now marching through the costume section with the ears perched on top of their tiny heads. Then they found the gloves. Gloves are big around here. And when we reached the shoe section and they spied the glittery-yellow-with-a-real-heel Minnie Mouse shoes and sold! I had myself two little girls jumping up and down begging to be Disney's finest girl mouse for Halloween.

And so at last it's settled. Kenna is going to be Minnie Mouse and Michal is going to be Mickey Mouse . . . in a Minnie Mouse dress. Don't ask. She's happy with this plan and it doesn't involve purple fleece, Tom Arma patterns only available on ebay or cutting a box into a car.

I'm thrilled. I'm pretty sure my mom is thrilled too.

In the end it turns out it's all about the accessories. A poor pig and cow, even purple ones, simply can't compete with a mouse that has a bow, gloves and yellow sparkly shoes.

So anyone need a few yards of purple fleece?

P.S. A huge thank you to Rose and Marie for the unbelievably-cute "Monkey See" and "Monkey Do" shirts. Michal is wearing "Monkey See" and Kenna is wearing "Monkey Do." Michal of course immediately wanted the "Monkey Do" shirt because Kenna had it on. Perhaps we need some "Monkey See" "Monkey Want" t-shirts!

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