September 4, 2007

We heart Ralph . . . again.

We saw Ralph -- for the second time -- on Labor Day weekend. The concert was in Milennium Park as part of a Family Festival that included lots of great kids' activities. The girls colored tote bags, listened to music and also played under the Bean. You can see us reflected in the photo below. We're the black "blob" in the center -- the girls are in their stroller -- and then we're also reflected in the sides as well.

The girls were absolutely hilarious during the concert. They were dancing in the aisle and then, for the last couple songs, Ralph invited the kids to come up on stage. They literally jumped out of their seats and ran for the stage. The second-to-last picture is of Michal on the stage with Ralph. Both she and Kenna were up there but both were equally determined to weave their way through the throngs of kids so they could get to the front of the stage. Never, never underestimate the speed and manueverability of two focused three-year olds. I was lucky to snap one picture on the stage before I had to push and shove my way after the two of them. Luckily they were headed the same direction -- toward Ralph!

While at the concert we saw good friends, who coincidentally sat in the row behind us. The last picture is of them -- well their kids and a friend who joined them -- when they met Ralph. Could those kids be any cuter?!

Michal is in the pink flowered outfit and Kenna is in the peach top and flowered shorts.

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