September 28, 2007

Those magic words.

My clever twosome has learned the power of "magic words." Not abracadabra or even "please" and "thank you." No, they've learned that saying "I want to go potty" will get them out of bed, out of a boring shopping cart, out of their seat at a restaurant and out of just about anything else they don't particularly want to be doing.

They've learned that "I want to go potty" can get them back out of bed when, "I don't want to go to bed," "I want a drink of water," "Tell me another story," "I have owie lips and need lip gloss" and "I want the toenail polish on my fingernails off" -- yes, that's a real example -- have all failed.

They are well aware that when I'm pushing them in the blue plastic police car cart at the grocery, those magic words will make me return to the front of the store, where the bathroom happens to be oh-so-conveniently located right beside the Starbucks counter, maker of the much-adored chocolate milk in a kid-sized cup. They know that when they've tired of sitting in the seat, sitting in the basket and hanging on the end of the Target cart, those words will get them out of, or off of, that cart likety split -- four times during a recent trip.

I am absolutely convinced they enjoy checking out public restrooms. Michal has even proclaimed that the bathrooms with the sink and toilet in the same room are her "favorite kind." Recently we walked into a restroom and Kenna happily announced, "Michal, it's your favorite kind." Michal giggled and answered, It IS my favorite kind." Boy, it's good to be three.

My favorite bathroom moment though happended today when we were at a little farm. Michal had told us -- repeatedly -- that she wanted to go IN a barn. That request was a little difficult to fulfill since none of the barns were open to people but instead were only for the animals, who were kept safely behind a wooden fence covered in chicken wire. So, when I saw the bathroom in a building painted red to look like a barn, I asked Michal if she wanted to go potty in the barn. She nearly ran in. Once we were inside she stopped and said, "Wait a minute. (This was said with great drama.) I'm not a cow. I can't go potty in a barn."

Oh, my funny, funny little girl.

Kenna is in the dress with the big red and brown floral print at the bottom and Michal is in the dress with the green print at the bottom. Michal is holding the kitten in the last photo.

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