September 23, 2007

Is there a doctor in the house . . . or on the swing set . . . or on her new green bike?

Last year I bought the girls doctors' outfits to play dress up in. I put them away and then promptly forgot about them. Well, I found them the other day and got them out. The girls immediately declared they were Dr. Wigder and Dr. Seidman, their pediatricians. The took turns listening to each other's hearts, looking in each other's ears and asking one another to open their mouth. One of the outfits is actually supposed to be a veternarian but they didn't seem to mind that little detail one bit. They played in the coats all day -- even outside on the swing set. It was pretty funny.

Dr. Seidman, that would be Michal, is proudly riding her new green bike in the pictures below. She and Eric went to the bike store and she picked it out. She chose this snazzy green number over the pink and purple ones that she was shown. That's my girl! She knows exactly what she wants.

And Kenna has declared she doesn't want a bike with training wheels because it's "tippy" and she just wants her tricycle. I thought she'd change her mind when she saw Michal's new bike but nope, she's sticking to her no-tippy-bikes decision. I guess they both know exactly what they want. I love that about them . . . most of the time! :)

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