September 2, 2007

All aboard.

The girls both love trains and have asked -- OK begged -- to ride the "commuter train" for a long time. So this weekend we finally did. We took the train west to Geneva, a charming little town on the Fox River, where we had lunch, walked around for awhile, danced to some music in a children's store -- the girls not us -- and let the girls run around in a little park area.

The girls started singing, "Get on Board Little Children" the moment we got on the train and then sang their made-up train version of the "Wheels on the Bus." They pointed out everything intersting and amazing they saw out the train windows -- trampolines in people's yards, a parking lot filled with school buses, a concrete mixer, playgrounds -- and thought it was just about the funniest thing they'd ever seen when a freight train passed us.

Our train home was delayed by 85 minutes so we left the train station and went and had ice cream. We headed back to the station about 10 minutes before the 85 minutes were up and the train was already there so we started running. Thankfully, the girls were in strollers so we could really run. They both laughed and giggled so hard and thought their stroller ride was almost as good as the train ride.

Michal is in blue and Kenna is in pink. It's Kenna below.

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