August 30, 2007

Oh, the things they come up with.

Michal and Kenna are constantly making up new games. "Pretend" is big around here these days and the latest "pretend" game is "I'm Daddy. I'm Mommy." It goes like this . . . they both go upstairs and nose around my closet until they find a "Mommy shirt" and a "Daddy shirt" that they like. Some level of negotiation takes place -- I'm not privy to this part -- and they decide who is going to be Mommy and who is going to be Daddy. They then proceed to walk around the house announcing to no one in particular, "I'm Mommy." "And I'm Daddy." Then comes the to-be-expected "trade" and off come the shirts and "Mommy" becomes "Daddy" and "Daddy" becomes "Mommy." During this game I am "Mommy's Mommy" and "Daddy's Mommy," which would actually make me Grandma Jan and Grandma Marilyn but if I feign confusion they simply tell me, "I'm LITTLE Mommy." (OK. Thanks for that clarification.)

Now the truly funny part is that, "I'm Mommy" is said in a completely normal voice and is usually followed by, "Do you want to go to the store?" or "Do you want to go to the pool?" Now "I'm Daddy" is another story. "I'm Daddy is said with pursed lips, head tilted slightly up like a howling coyote, and the funniest deep voice you've ever heard. (See picture of Michal below making her "Daddy face.") It's usually followed by, "I'm going to work." But recently they've added, "I'm watching 'Dirty Jobs'" to their Daddy-speak repritoire. (If we ever wondered if they notice what's on the TV when it's not "Wonder Pets" or "Teletubbies," the answer is clearly "yes.")

They've also decided that cutting paper is oh so fun! They like to cut the edge of a piece of paper, from my printer, into strips and make a car wash. They like to make lots and lots of car washes. So many in fact that when we went to go to the Wiggles, and I went to print out our electronic tickets, there wasn't a single piece of paper to print on. I had to ask Eric to run to the grocery store, that has an Office Max aisle, so we could print the tickets.

Michal has also decided she likes to pretend cut my hair with her finger scissors. I am crossing my fingers that she doesn't get a hold of the real scissors and decide to cut Little Mommy's hair too. And I've now probably jinxed myself by even typing those words.

The first two photos are of Kenna, Kenna is then "Mommy" (in the brown shirt) and Michal is "Daddy" (in the striped shirt) and it's Michal cutting. Oh, and in case you're wondering what they're doing with their hands up to their eyes . . . they're taking MY picture. Kenna is dressed like Mommy afterall and what does Mommy do all the time? Take their picture! They were even making the shutter-clicking sound, which is funny since my camera doesn't make any noise when I take a picture. My silly girls!

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