August 25, 2007

Lake Geneva

So it's Friday afternoon, we still don't have power and it's a little warm and sticky in our house. Everything in the refrigerator has gone bad, the things in the freezer are headed in the same direction and the crackers in the pantry are now nice and soggy from the high humidity in our house. So, I decide that we should spend the weekend somewhere with power -- brilliant idea don't you think? -- and a couple phone calls later we're off to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The first night we were there we took a horse-drawn carriage ride through the town at sunset. Michal and Kenna were thrilled! At the end of the carriage ride our driver gave them each a piece of carrot and let them feed it to our horse, Maddie. There was a second horse and carriage parked beside us and as soon as they'd fed Maddie both girls were jumping up and down saying, "Now let's ride this one!," meaning the other horse and carriage. (We didn't, in case you're wondering!)

It's Kenna throwing a penny in the fountain in the flowered skirt and it's Michal "pretending to wash her hands" (her words) in the fountain in the striped dress. (I'm not so sure what was "pretend" since she was wet up to her elbows but I guess in the absence of soap it's not "really" washing your hands.)

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