August 12, 2007

I need a scorecard.

When we came home from California earlier this summer, the girls declared they were "Lulu Belle" and "Silky," the names of my friend Cara's kids' guinea pigs. After a couple weeks "Lulu Belle" and "Silky" became "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse." Then they became "Horse" and "Airplane," "Pig" and "Bus," "Pig" and "Mermaid" and today they are "Cabin" and "Rental Car." Every once in awhile "Lulu Belle" and "Silky" make a reappearance too.

I honestly am having a hard time keeping track of who they are on any given day but if I get it wrong they will quickly correct me.

Me: "Kenna, please come to the table for lunch."

Kenna: "No, I'm Rental Car."

Me: "I thought you were mermaid."

Kenna: "No, I'm Rental Car."

Me: "OK. Rental Car, please come have lunch."

Kenna: "OK Mommy Rental Car. I'm coming."

Michal: "She's Mommy Cabin."

And it doesn't end there. Each time they change personas, what they want to be for Halloween changes too. So today they told me they want to dress up as a rental car and a cabin. I think I've convinced them that I can more readily find them pig and cow costumes. But Halloween is a long way off and I'm sure they'll change their minds again.

My funny, imaginative little peanuts! Umm, I mean rental car and cabin.

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