August 21, 2007

Get Ready to Wiggle!

If you're five or under, it just doesn't get much better than this.

We joined Kate, Julia and Ella (and their parents!) for lunch at the Choo Choo Restaurant and then went to see the Wiggles in concert.

The Choo Choo Restaurant was fun as always. Michal and Kenna loved sitting at the counter and were ecstatic when cupcakes topped with plastic train whistles were delivered to them on the little electric train.

And the Wiggles were as entertaining as ever. We came to the concert bearing bouquets of roses for Dorothy the Dinosaur and a sign professing our love for Sam, Anthony, Murray and Jeff -- a sign they read during the concert. (It's Kate holding the sign in the picture below.) All five girls had a ball. They gave their roses for Dorothy to one of the Wiggly dancers, had Jeff and Captain Feathersword wave to them and they danced, jumped, clapped and bopped through the whole concert. And for those of you who have a Wiggles fan at home, the new Wiggle, Sam (in the yellow shirt) did a great job. And, he can sing!

Michal has on the white shirt with the pink roses and Kenna has on the jean jumper.

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