July 19, 2007

Yep. More Montana.

The pictures above are of the girls completely enjoying our time at the lake. The first photo in the upper lefthand corner is of Kenna "water skiing" and it's Eric water skiing in the bottom lefthand corner. The second photo in the top row is of Michal showing off the craft she made -- with Grandma's help -- on her hand.

The black and white photo below was supposed to be of "the boys" but two little interlopers couldn't imagine not being in a picture! Left to right in the picture is: Bennett, our 13-year old nephew who is now taller than his Uncle Eric; Eric's older brother Paul; our 17-year old nephew Andrew, who is standing on his toes so he appears taller than his Uncles; and our nephew Greer, who is 10 and the only person who caught a fish in the lake.

The black and white photo is of Michal and it's also Michal standing on the dock waving. She quickly figured out the whole lake etiquette of waving to other boaters and made it her mission to stand on the end of the dock and wave as people went by while yelling, "hi" as loudly as she could.

It's Greer again in the "falling in the lake" photos and it's Kenna and Grandma Marilyn, Eric's mom, kayaking. Kenna was so funny and kept telling Marilyn, "do it myself" whenever Marilyn tried to help her paddle. That's my wildly independent little girl!

The final photo is of Kenna in her cute little polka dot bathing suit.

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