July 2, 2007

"We're a double."

One of the things I repeatedly read I'm "supposed" to do as the mom of twins is spend "alone time" with each of my girls. I absolutely understand why this is a good idea but boy is it hard to do!

So tonight I was going to Target -- glamorous, I know -- and Eric was home so I went over to Michal and whispered, "Come on. You're coming with me to Target. Just you and me." She promptly then announced, as loud as possible, "I'm going to Target with Mommy. Just me." Not exactly the stealth exit I had in mind.

Once we were outside and in the car she said, "We're not a triple. We're a double."

And I have to tell you that, although it wasn't a fancy outing or a terribly long outing, it was fun to be a "double" for just a little while.

I love the pictures below. It's one of those times that I feel like a get a little glimpse of what the grown-up Michal will look like.

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