July 13, 2007

Two Girls and a Lake.

We just returned from nine sun-filled, water-soaked days at the lake in Montana. Nine glorious swimming-skiing-kayaking-reading-a-whole-book-playing-in-the-water-or-just-doing-nothing days.

The girls were in absolute heaven! They quickly started throwing around words like, "life jacket," "motorboat" and "water ski" as in "I need my life jacket so I can go in the motorboat and watch Daddy water ski." They christened Eric's parents' cabin "the barn," which coming from them is a huge compliment. (They have declared their dollhouse is a "fancy, new barn.") They took turns pushing their cousins, Uncle Paul, Eric and me in the lake -- something I'm sure we'll later regret teaching them to do. They filled buckets -- and anything else they could find -- with water and dumped it again and again into the lake. They pretended to water ski and would each grab the end of a towel and make boat noises while zooming around until the "skiier" would drop to the ground and yell "splash." They floated on the intertube and put their feet up on the edge while shouting, "Look. Fancy feet." Kenna went kayaking with Grandma Marilyn and both girls sat patiently on the dock stairs waiting for Grandpa Bud to fly his sea plane, applauding loudly when it went up in the air and, in Kenna's words, "got very, very small." Their cousins showed them how to catch crawdads in the lake and thanks to those same cousins they now know what a Gameboy is, although they both thought it was an iPod at first. They watched hummingbirds and camp robbers fly so close they could almost touch them, they toasted marshmallows for s'mores -- although neither one of them actually wanted to eat them -- and they got to stay up way past their bedtime nearly every night. They did puzzles and crafts -- including Michal gluing googley eyes on her hand instead of the stick -- and made up all kinds of funny games with plastic cups, peanuts, plastic animals and an old deck of cards.

On the way home from the airport last night I asked the girls what they wanted to do when we got home.

Me: "Do you want to swing on the swing set?"

Michal and Kenna: "No."

Me: "Play with your dollhouse?"

Michal and Kenna: "No."

Me: "Ride your tricycle?"

Michal and Kenna: "No."

Me: "Then what do you want to do?"

Michal: "Go to the cabin."

I think that says it all.

Kenna has on pink sunglasses and the pink shorts. Michal has on white sunglasses and the green shorts. The little boy snorkeling is my nephew Greer and it's his hand proudly holding up the crawdad he caught. The almost-fourteen-year-old-and-suddenly-taller-than-Eric kayaker is my nephew Bennett. Wow do I love those boys -- and their brother Andrew too!

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