July 15, 2007

Come fly with me.

One of the highlights for the girls was when Grandpa Bud flew his seaplane for them. When he brought it down to the lake they both ran and sat on the dock stairs just quietly watching and waiting, a totally-capitavated auidence of two. Then, when the plane took off, they both burst into squeals and laughter. When the plane landed again on the water they both starting clapping and yelling for more.

Their first words to Bud each morning were, "Grandpa, fly the airplane please" and then they'd ask for an airplane story every night. (They've continued to ask for one -- or two or three -- every night since we've been home too.)

Bud actually flew two different airplanes for them but the second one ended up as a pile of splintered wood and plastic after crashing into the hill above a neighbor's dock. The girls thought the crash was absolutely hysterical. Bud, on the other hand, wasn't laughing.

I love the last series of photos where Kenna is explaining how the plane took off and flew. She talks with her hands, just like her mom.

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