June 28, 2007

Who are you wearing?

pink chicken --- baby gap --- tote and tee --- courtney courtney --- pretty me --- matilda jane

I get lots of e-mails asking me where I found something the girls are wearing. I am always happy to share what brand something is, or where I found it.

These are my favorite places to shop:

Crew Cuts for Kids
Janie and Jack
Baby Gap
Mini Boden

There are some of the boutique brands that I really like:

Pink Chicken
Misha Lulu

and my current favorite brand, hands down, is Matilda Jane!

This is a great online store called The Silly Wagon that carries a lot of neat boutique brands. They often have discount codes you can use too! Just Google The Silly Wagon + Discount Code. Right now you can use "Bookworm08" to receive 15% off.

Chasing Fireflies is an amazing website and catalog but it's expensive. It's funny too because they never list the brand, and they actually are selling a prior season's styles, but it's sure fun to look at their site. I love thes adorable dresses with big flowers on them and figured out they're by Lola et Moi. You can Google the brand and find them on sale all over the place.

There is also an incredible world of handmade clothing on etsy, where I've found some adorable things.

Etsy is incredibly addictive and you can easily "shop" for hours. There actually is so much out there that it can be a bit overwhelming.

This is a link to my favorite etsy sellers I have not ordered from all of them and they don't all make clothes, but it will give you a good place to start.

I'm also often asked about the girls' Minnie shortalls that they wore last spring at Disney World. My mom made the ones they're wearing but Lucinda at Tip Top Applesauce Company makes similar things. Lucinda's work is beautiful. She made the girls' 3rd birthday outfits and she also made sock monkey overalls for them.

And that brings us to bows. The flower head bands Michal and Kenna are wearing on Adoption Day are by a company called Screamin' Beauty. I bought them at a local boutique but they're available online.

The bows the girls wore on their pony tails are made by someone I found on ebay. They no longer sell on ebay but you can e-mail them at debhal@tecinfo.com and they'll send you an order form. The bows are only $1.25 each and are very professionally made. Plus, they are available in every color imaginable.

The bows the girls wear now are by BowsArts. I buy them at one of those kid's haircutting places. I like how they lay flat.

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