June 2, 2007

Lulu Belle and Silky

Raegan and Brennan each have a cream-colored guinea pig that the girls just loved! (Nope. There won't be any guinea pigs joining our family any time soon!) The guinea pigs look alike, and are sisters, so I said to the girls, "Lulu Belle and Silky are twins. Just like you two."

That's all it took. Michal and Kenna decided they weren't just like Lulu Belle and Silky, they were Lulu Belle and Silky. I figured this out when Michal was "walking" to the car (see photo to the left) and I asked her if she was a lion and she told me, "No. I'm Lulu Belle and Kenna is Silky." Oh. I guess I should have realized that. A lion and a guinea pig look completely different when being impersonated by an oh-so-precocious three-year old. (Stop laughing Mom!)

Lulu Belle and Silky watched Brennan's final soccer game and then saw his award ceremony. Brennan is an amazing defensive player and it was really fun to see him play.

And, in case you're wondering, Lulu Belle and Silky are still making regular appearances around here. In fact, Michal just told me, "Lulu Belle is going to bed now." I guess that's my cue to go get my little guinea pigs ready for bed.

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