June 29, 2007

Happy Three and a HALF!

It seems unbelievable but my babies are three-and-a-half today. Wow. Just saying it sounds so old to me. And I know, one day when they're turning six-and-a-half or, heaven forbid, sixteen-and-a-half, I'll wish for them to be "just three-and-a-half." But right now it seems so grown up.

This morning I told them both they were three-and-a-half and Kenna promptly corrected me and said, "Mommy, I'm just three." That's OK. I know the day will come, much too soon, when they both will be eager to add that half to their age. Until then I'm happy to have them insist that they're "just three."

Michal is in pink and Kenna is in green.

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