June 27, 2007

Daddy Humor

Eric puts on the girls' pajamas at night and thinks it's pretty darn funny to make sure the top and bottom don't match. Now he only thinks this is funny because he knows it drives me absolutely crazy. The first few times he did it, it was just because a matching set wasn't stacked together in the cupboard but I made the tactical error of reacting to the combination he created and that's all the encouragement he needed. He now is purposefully mismatching pajamas and creating the worst combinations he can come up with. Spring flowers with Christmas reindeer . . . perfect. Striped top with striped bottoms in different, and completely clashing, colors . . . subtle and brilliant. Putting the top on Kenna and the matching bottoms on Michal . . . pure genius.

And now he's got Michal and Kenna in on it too. He puts on their pajamas and then they run and tell me, "It doesn't match." This is followed by hysterical laughter from all three of them!

This weekend it had rained and the girls wanted to go play in the puddles when they woke up. So outside they went in their pajamas and rainboots. I can only hope that any neighbor who caught a glimpse of them assumed they dressed themselves. Let's hope anyway.

In the picture where Michal is down on all fours, she's pretending to be a cow. You probably knew that though.

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