May 11, 2007

The Zoo with Sophie and Sophie's Nana

Today we met Sophie, Ileana and Ileana's mom -- Sophie's Nana -- at the zoo. The girls all liked the animals but the big thrill for Michal and Kenna was getting to use the "face paint crayons" on their faces -- or as Michal put it, "put on makeup." The funniest part was when they were back in their stroller they kept looking at each other and saying, "We're rainbow girls!" It took me a minute to figure out what they were talking about but finally I got that they were referring to their multi-colored faces.

And, like every trip to the zoo, it wouldn't be complete without a ride on the carousel. Somehow Kenna ended up on the much-cherished flamingo again -- it's pink, which makes it exceptionally great -- while poor Michal got relegated to the praying mantis because it's what happens to be beside the flamingo. The carousel actually has two flamingos but the other one has a poision dart frog next to it. Not a much more exciting choice.

(Kenna has the red nose and Michal's in purple.)

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