May 29, 2007

Swim. Spin. Jump. Giggle.

Raegan and Brennan are absolutely amazing with Michal and Kenna. (As Cara pointed out, it's like they've each been given their very own puppy!) They are both so sweet with the girls and the girls are equally enamored with them.

This afternoon they played and played with the girls in the pool at our hotel -- twirling them in circles to play "motor boat," letting them ride on their backs to play "dolphin" and generally just indulging their every three-year-old whim.

And tonight Brennan must have jumped off of our deck 25 times and each and every time the girls giggled hysterically at his antics. Thank you Raegan and Brennan for being you!

(Michal is in the bikini and Kenna is in the one piece. And Michal has on the blue hoodie and Kenna's in pink.)

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