May 26, 2007

Our California Adventure

The girls and I are in California for an 11-day vacation. (We're also escaping the darn cicadas but shhh don't mention that to anyone since it makes me sound so incredibly wimpy.)

I was a little -- OK a lot -- nervous about making the four-and-a-half hour plane flight alone with Michal and Kenna but they did great on the plane. There were a few rough moments when Michal figured out just how easily she could take her seatbelt off and stand in her seat but after I pointed out the all-important your-seatbelt-must-remain-lit sign, she agreed sitting with her seatbelt on was a good idea after all. All in all the flight was much better than I expected. (Keep your fingers crossed for the flight home!)

We were met at the airport by my good friend Cara and two of her three kids, my godchildren, Raegan and Brennan. Cara spent the first week we were home from China with us but hasn't seen the girls since that week. I am so happy that she's able to spend some time with them and that her kids get to spend some time with them too. Plus, I'm incredibly happy to see them all!

It didn't take the girls long to figure out just how great Raegan and Brennan are. They were quickly playing ball, blowing bubbles, jumping on the trampoline and enjoying all the attention they're getting from their new-found friends.

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