May 19, 2007

My Garden Fairies

Tonight we ate dinner outside at the girls' request. I think they are just so happy to finally not be confined to the inside by the weather that they'll do anything to stay outside just a little longer. Their swing set has a built-in picnic table but the person who designed it clearly has never seen an actual child before. At least not a normally-sized one. When the girls sit on the bench they can literally rest their chins on the table. I keep looking to see if maybe it was assembled incorrectly but nope, the holes for the bolts were all pre-drilled. I guess I'll have to take phone books outside so they can actually reach the table.

A garden update: Both gardens now have six tomatoes and Kenna's has one strawberry. There haven't been any tomato casulties yet although that strawberry's days are numbered since I'm positive the rabbits will find it before it's ripe enough to eat.

(Kenna has on a floral skirt and Michal has on a jean skort. The messy plum yogurt face photos are Kenna.)

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