May 30, 2007

The girls and their sand kingdom.

We went to the beach again today and this time we were armed with "fancy buckets" that make all kinds of cool castle shapes. Raegan and the girls built an entire sand kingdom complete with a really great moat that Brennan dug. The kingdom was barely finished before they all decided to jump on top of it and knock it flat. I guess that's why kids build sand castles isn't it? The real joy comes in knocking them down.

They all also went swimming again today at the hotel pool and absolutely loved it. They were in the pool so long that their fingers got all "pruney." Michal came to me, a little upset, and said, "Mommy, get it off!" I asked her what she wanted me to get off and she showed me her fingers. I had to explain that the wrinkels would dissappear on their own and I couldn't take them off.

(It's Michal building the sand castle and Michal has "bear ears," as she likes to call them, in the pool pictures.)

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