April 28, 2007

The Zoo . . . again.

The zoo was crowded today. So crowded that they directed us to a local high school's baseball field to park since the parking lot was completely full. The girls thought it was hilarious that we were driving on the grass and promptly said, "Silly car. No driving on the grass. Only on the ground. Silly, silly car." And that was just the beginning of their quipy comments for the day.

Me: "Do you want to ride the train?"
Michal: "Mommy, it's not a train. There isn't a track."
Me: "You're right Michal. Then what is it?"
Kenna: "It's a train bus."
Me: "So, do you want to ride the train bus?"
Both: "Yes!"

Me: "Do you want to ride the carousel?"
Both: Yes!
Me: "What animal do you want to ride?"
Both: "Flamingo."
Me: "You can't both ride the flamingo. How about one of you rides the frog beside it."
Michal: "It's not a frog. It has stripes like a zebra. Oh (giggling), it's a zebra frog."

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