April 11, 2007

Yes, these pictures were taken today! What happened to Spring?

We woke up this morning to snow! And not just a few flurries but real snow that had completely blanketed the ground and continued to come down for most of the day -- until it turned into rain and made a really big mess. Now I know that it's Chicago and it can snow in April but it's already April 11th, heck we're even past Easter, and even though it can snow, it's just not supposed to! Two weeks ago today it was 80 degrees.

The girls thought it was great since they got to put on their rain boots and go jump around in the inch and a half of "slush" on the driveway. I couldn't even find both of their coats when we went to go outside because I've already put all the winter stuff away!

Well, we're supposed to be back up in the low 50s next week. Break out the bathing suits!

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