April 26, 2007

Oh the things they say!

This morning Michal came downstairs, looked outside and announced, "It's raining outside." She then looked at me and said, "Mommy turn the water off."

Later the girls and I went to lunch at Panera. For those without a Panera, it's a restaurant where you order at the counter, wait for your food and then sit down -- not fast food but not a full-service restaurtant either. After we had our food and were sitting down Kenna looked at me and said, "We need paper and crayons." Then Michal promptly added "And we need a tablecloth."

Perhaps the Tribune needs a couple of toddler restaurant critics! Clearly these two have eaten out a few too many times.

Photos below left to right and top to bottom: Michal checking out a bear, finally looking like Spring, Kenna on the carousel (look at how long her hair is getting!), the girls hugging, Michal on the carousel, Kenna on the carousel, throwing pennies in the fountain (it's Kenna's face you can see), one more hugging (you can see Michal's face.)

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