April 29, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Today we took the girls to the nursery so they could pick out flowers and vegetables to plant in their very own gardens. It was funny because almost each and every time I would ask them what kind and color flowers they wanted, they'd pick the exact same thing.

Me: "Kenna, would you like petunias for your garden?"
Kenna: "Yes."
Me: "What color?"
Kenna: "Purple."

Me: "Michal, would you like petunias too?"
Michal: "Yes, purple."

This may also explain -- just in case you've wondered -- why they are dressed alike most of the time. It's because it saves me the painful morning drama when they both absolutely, positively have to have the same pink dress or shirt or pair of pants. If I instead offer them the same thing, there's no drama at all. I guess the same thing goes for plants. If one picks it, the other has to have it. They did branch out for just a moment though when Michal picked pink snap dragons and Kenna picked white!

We brought home all the flowers, the cherry tomato plants and the strawberry plants and then they each -- with help from Eric -- planted and watered their little gardens. (Drowned their little gardens is probably a more apt description.)

I think it will be really fun for them to "take care" of their plants and see the tomatos and strawberries grow throughout the summer.

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