April 1, 2007

Easter Egg Hunting and Fireplace Jumping

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt and dinner this afternoon. It was raining, so the egg hunt was moved inside. Dozens and dozens of kids were all crowded together trying to find eggs "hidden" on the carpet in a pretty small space. Those at the front of the pack emerged with baskets brimming with colored plastic eggs while those at the back of the pack were left without anything to find. Luckily, our middle-of-the-pack girls did find a few eggs using the technique Eric taught them . . . "Find the egg. Grab the egg. Throw it in your basket." Thankfully they were very happy to have six or seven eggs and they actually started giving their eggs away to kids whose baskets were empty.

After the egg hunt we had dinner. The girls and Sophie were much more interested in playing with the chocolate bunnies inside the eggs than actually eating much dinner. Eventually, they made their way out of their chairs and over to the fireplace where they joyfully jumped off the step to the carpet below. Once on the carpet they would "swim" before getting back up on the fireplace and doing it all again.

And don't worry, by the time the jumping started there was only one other family in the room and they had kids too -- and theirs were on the floor rolling around too.

(Kenna has hot pink bows on her pony tails and Michal's bows are white.)

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