March 19, 2007

The wonderful thing about Tiggers . . . And the thumb dance to the Dumbo music!

When we went to the Magic Kingdom, the first character we came across was Tigger. Michal immediately wanted to go see him but, as you can imagine, there was a line. So she and I stood in line and when we were finally about ten people from the front of the line she decided she couldn't stand it any more. She got out of line and bolted for Tigger. It happened so fast I didn't even react at first. Some poor family, who was trying to take pictures of their kids with Tigger, now has pictures of my kid too.

I went and got her and we finished waiting until it really was her turn and then she ran and gave Tigger a huge hug. It was really cute.

Kenna, on the other hand, was oh so happy to just look at Tigger from a safe distance while she kept playing on the playground.

Kenna also decided that the music they play during the Dumbo ride is perfect to thumb dance to! She actually spent quite a bit of time dancing on our trip. I think she lives by the motto, "If you hear music, you've just got to dance!"

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