March 3, 2007

Ralph's World

My friends, Kim and Ileana, and I took our girls to see Ralph's World at the House of Blues this morning. Ralph is a Chicago kid's musician -- who now is even on the Disney Channel. He and his band sing very funny, James Taylor-ish kids' songs and Michal and Kenna love him.

As you probably know, the House of Blues is not usually where kid's concerts take place, and they don't really have any seating to speak of. So, even though we arrived an hour before the concert started, the floor was already full and there were people with kids in tow standing in just about every nook and cranny.

I held the girls for as long as I possibly could and then figured out that they could sit on the railing that separated two levels. They preferred being held so I alternated between holding one -- or both -- and sitting them up on the railing.

Towards the end of the concert Ralph invited all the kids to come up on the stage for the last three songs. I asked the girls if they wanted to go up and both said, "Yes!" So the three of us made our way through the sea of humanity seated on the floor -- most of whom were also trying to make their way up to the stage. Once we actually got to the front, there was a wall of hovering parents completely blocking the stage. After a few "excuse me's" I was able to get to the stage stairs. Before I could say a word to the girls, they were both up the stairs and on the stage with dozens of other bouncing kids. (I stood with the throngs of parents, all trying to watch their kids, at the edge of the stage.)

Since Michal and Kenna were shorter than most of the kids, I just kept looking for their pink bows to see where they were. As long as I got an occassional glance I felt fine but at one point I couldn't find Kenna. I finally realized that she was slowly moving across the stage in an attempt to get closer to Ralph. She was actually almost all the way to him by the time the concert ended and I was able to get up on the stage and get her and Michal.

Before we left the stage the girls both gave Ralph a high five -- a really big deal if you happen to be three and think that Ralph is exceptionally cool!

In the photos below there are arrows pointing out the girls in the crowd on the stage!

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