March 21, 2007

The Princess Palooza

This was officially "Princess Day." The girls met Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan and Mary Poppins. (Now I know that Mary Poppins isn't techincally a princess but she did have on a fancy dress and Kenna did tell her, "You're like a princess" when they met.) Seven princesses in just a couple hours . . . what more could a couple girls ask for unless it's seven princesses on the Disney bus! Michal and Kenna also met Pluto and Chip but I don't think either would appreciate being lumped in with all those princesses.

I think even without my pre-Disney World princess brainwashing the girls would have been captivated! Kenna, who wasn't so sure about Tigger at the Magic Kingdom and was even a little unsure about Sleeping Beauty when we first walked in the castle in Norway, couldn't get down from her seat fast enough to get to Princess Ariel! Both she and Michal ran to her and she put both her hands out to them. Well, they grabbed her hands and started playing "Ring Around the Rosie." They then decided that each of the princesses they met were there to play "Ring Around the Rosie" with them. It was absolutely adorable!

(A figuring-out-who's-who tip: Kenna has polka dotted bows on her ponytails and Michal's bows are plain. Also, the stripes on Kenna's skirt are bright and they're pastel on Michal's skirt.)

When Kenna met Mary Poppins, Mary handed her the parasol she was holding. Kenna was thrilled, looked at it for just a minute and then started walking, very quickly, away with it. I saw what she was doing and started after her. Close on my heels was Mary Poppins, who was trying to sound British and proper as she half-said, half-yelled, "Oh, oh, bring my umbrella back."

If it had been someone else's child escaping with that umbrella it would have been downright hilarious! The look on Kenna's face was so purposeful. I guess she realized that if she stuck around she was going to have to give that parasol back and she really wanted to keep it!

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