March 11, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

If you ever wonder what you sound like, just hang out with a couple of three-year olds for awhile! I alternate between laughing -- and realizing just how dorky I must sound -- when I hear my words come out of their mouths.

The girls often tell me, "Be careful Mommy" and will say out loud, "Be careful and hold the railing," when they're walking down the stairs. They even both will pretend to take a step forward and then will pull their foot back quickly and say, "Careful Michal. Careful Kenna." Hmmm. I guess I do tend to be a smidge overprotective. But since I am sure I am the only child who was taken to the Grand Canyon and then held by the back of her shirt by her mom, 15 feet from the edge, I come by this overprotectiveness honestly. (In case you're wondering, the Grand Canyon is a bit of a let down when you aren't allowed to actually look in it but only across at the trees around the edge of it. Thankfully, I have a brave, non-shirt-holding father who later chaperoned my 8th grade field trip to the Grand Canyon and actually encouraged me to not only look at but go down in the actual canyon.)

The girls will both tell you that "it needs batteries" whenever something doesn't work. It doesn't matter if the object actually uses batteries, just that it isn't working at that moment. They both also say, "It's very cold" the moment the back door opens, we step outside, we get into the car, we get out of the car or just about any other time they feel cold air. Hmmm. I must complain about the weather more than I thought I did.

They both tell me, "I'll be right back. Just one minute." before they go upstairs and I love when they say, "It's no big deal it's just (fill in here whatever might have just happened.) This would include: "It's no big deal it's just water," "It's no big deal it's just yogurt on my shirt" and, my personal favorite, "It's no big deal it's just pee pee on Mommy's floor."

It realy makes me laugh when they begin a sentence with, "Actually, . . . " They're quite creative with their use of the word, for example, we were driving on the freeway yesterday and I said, "Look at that big orange truck," to which Michal replied, "Actually, it's a GIANT, ENORMOUS big orange truck." And last night, when she was going to bed, she commented that the pink car she had in her hand was now a black car since it was dark. She then then laughed and said, "Actually, it's a dark pink car. Actually, a hot pink car."

I've also noticed that the girls have picked up some funny sayings. They say, "bummer" when something falls on the floor. (Do I say "bummer?" I don't think so but I guess I must.) They've also added, "Uh oh spaghetti o's" -- I truly don't know where they learned that -- to their repritoire of sayings.

Recently I heard Michal tell Kenna to "listen and obey" when she wasn't doing what she wanted her to and they both say, "No way Jose!" with great enthusiam.

They also don't always get the word they're looking for exactly right. Kenna, who was walking backwards, proudly told me she was, "walking backyard" and I heard both girls singing one morning, "This is the way we wash our TOES so early in the morning."

The most-often heard phrase around here though is, "Do it myself." This is said about climbing into their chairs, putting on their coats, climbing into the car, putting on their pajamas and just about any other time they want to assert a little independence.

My very favorite thing they say though is, "Big hug! Ahhh." It's the "Ahhh" at the end that gets me every time.

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