March 22, 2007

Lions and tigers and ducks. Oh my.

While we were in Africa in the Animal Kingdom, we sat and watched a great drum performance by several African musicians. The girls loved it! When they started pulling people out of the audience to go up and dance with the group, Kenna bolted up and out of her stroller to join the group. Then she and Michal danced their little hearts out to the music.

The girls also loved the "very, very bumpy" (must be said with three-year old dramatic empahsis on the words "very") jeep ride that takes you on safari.

The bottom three photos are of the girls running back and forth over the bridge at our hotel. We went back and forth over that bridge many, many times while we were staying there! I kept joking that if we could install an elevator and a bridge in our house, the girls would be endlessly entertained.

(A figuring-out-who's-who tip: Kenna has pink and green striped bows on her ponytails and Michal's bows are pink and white striped.)

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