March 23, 2007

Add the swimming pool to the list of "Things that are Great About Disney World."

We started our day at MGM and then headed back to the hotel to swim. In the picture to the left the girls are trying really hard to open a door to a church. The only problem is that it's a pretend door on the MGM lot. They just kept pulling and pulling and saying, "It's stuck." They were both super excited when they saw the "church" because it looks just like the church in a sing-a-long video we have. Kenna was happily singing, "This is the way we go to church, go to church, go to church . . . " as she ran across the street to the church.

Once back at the hotel, the girls loved, loved, loved the pool. Kenna cried and cried when I suggested it was time to get out of the pool. (In my defense all ten of her fingers and toes looked like little shrivled prunes.) You'll be happy to know she successfully negotiated for some additional pool time and later got out of the pool tear-free.

That night the girls were so wiped out that they fell asleep in their strollers before we even made it to dinner. The last photo is of them asleep on the monorail. The couple before that are of them happily waiting for the much-loved Disney bus.

Ahhh, the joy!

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