February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

19 years ago today I was sitting on an airplane with Eric, coming home from a surprise trip to San Diego. It was just a little after midnight and shortly after the flight took off, the pilot came on and told us the expected flight time, the altitude we were flying at and then he wished us all a Happy Valentine's Day. He then continued . . . "Since this is Valentine's Day, I've been asked to do something special. Kristi, Eric would like to know if you'd marry him." With that, I turned to Eric who was holding a diamond ring in his hand. He then asked, "Will you marry me?" I said, "yes" and he stood up and announced to anyone who happened to be listening, "She said yes!" The whole plane then burst into applause, the flight attendant brought us champagne and asked us to stop by the cockpit at the end of the flight so the pilot could add his congratualtions.

Now, just in case you're trying to do the math, I was 12 at the time this happened!

Tonight I asked Eric if 19 years ago, sitting on that airplane, he would have ever imagined that one day we would live in Chicago and be the parents of twin daughters. We both laughed because all we were imagining back then was graduating from college and getting good jobs!

Life is full of amazing twists and turns! And by the way, I would definitely say, "yes!" again.

Happy Valentine's Day!

(The last photo is of the bird bath that's in our yard. We got about 12 inches of snow in the last day and a half and the bird bath is literally buried now!)

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